Frequently Asked Questions

Palliative Care

Are there any special events that family can take part in?

There are always events that you can take part in, such as our bazaars, sing-a-long days, gardening, bingo nights , birthday celebrations and more.

Is there emotional support for our loved one and for the family?

Yes, our counsellor is always available to talk to you and your loved one.

Is the family involved in decisions when it comes to the care and wellbeing of our elderly?

No decision is made without the permission of the family and our senior client.

What do you mean by Home Care?

Home care is when we have our own staff visit the client’s home to provide services and care. An individualised plan is then put into place and this can be flexible according to the needs of the client and the family.

What is your method of payment?

Payment is through bank transfer, or at the office. We accept monthly or quarterly payments and for families from abroad there is the choice of annual payment. Special offers are always available.

How often can family visit?

Every Sunday afternoon, all families have access to the Home. On any other occasion a visit can be arranged by appointment and this is for the safety of yourloved one as well as others.

Are all staff qualified?

All our staff are qualified and experienced. We provide consistent opportunities for them to update their skills and knowledge through in-service training.

How long can our loved one stay for Palliative care?

For as long as the family needs our help. This usually takes place within three months the most.

Can you provide emergency (respite) care?

Yes, up to a month.

What facilities do you provide for leisure?

We have a luxurious and well equipped hall where our seniors use for all leisure activities. We have a sports facilities such as our pool and tennis courts. The grounds are large and beautifully set up for walks. The spacious gardens provide the opportunity for them to enjoy sitting out for drinks and chats. The gardens have an aesthetic atmosphere.

How do you keep the families in close contact with the Home?

We give weekly feedback and a monthly newsletter.

Is there a visiting doctor?

Yes, alongside many other health specialists.

Is there opportunity for prayer, religious events at the Home?

Yes, and upon request.


Do all staff speak more than one language?

As an International Home we ensure that our staff are able to speak the languages representative of our clients.


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