Fees reflect an individual’s care needs. Our Home Care and nursing homes provide specialist care meeting individual needs and health care:

The cost for a residential placement depends strictly on the needs of the individual who may only need care, while another may need specialised personal support ie persons with dementia.

Life Care Packages

All costs below exclude the additional cost of medication. All services below include initial assessment and family counselling.

Standard Care For 1800 euros

A physical condition that needs basic care such as medication, hygiene and supportive care. Additional costs may apply depending on the client’s personal and physical needs

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Drop in care:

Our drop in care is daily excluding weekends, from 10.00am to 13:00 pm daily. The drop in service is for over 65 year olds who are physically able and independent, wishing to take advantage of our care, facilities and social environment and activities while they live with their families/ or on their own.

The cost per day is 20 euro which includes lunch and free bussing to and from the centre. For those interested in joining this service we offer a discount of 20 euro per month if they wish to pay a monthly subscription.